Anna’s Tocht


When blind Anna sets herself the challenge to make a horseback trek of 150 kilometers through the north of the Netherlands, she encounters herself and her limitations very hard. Based solely on GPS, she plans to find her way alone for five days through the nature reserves of Drenthe and Friesland. In the film we follow Anna during the preparations and the final trip itself. We experience with her the moments she enjoys when she hears the wind through the fly pines and smells the freshly cut grass, but also during the hardships and setbacks. Although the fanatical rider has been preparing for the trip for months, some elements of her intended achievement appear to be too ambitious. Anna’s Journey makes it painfully clear that the ambitious Anna cannot do everything in the world of the sighted and that her limitation sometimes makes her dependent on others. The film shows how a blind young woman finds her own way during a five-day solo trek, how she deals with the physical obstacles she encounters on her path, but above all how she deals with her own demands and ambitions, her fear, shame. and disappointment.

What makes the documentary Anna’s Tocht extra special is that during the making of the film, special attention was paid to a non-sighted audience. The film has a soundtrack that listens like a podcast and makes Anna’s Tour a completely cinematic experience for both sighted and non-sighted people.

RTV Drenthe
Omroep Max
Sportfilmfestival Rotterdam: nominated for Rotteram Sportfilm Award 2022

Director & Scriptwriter: Wendelien Voogd
Camera: Wendelien Voogd and Marco van Buren
Drone-Camera: Marco van Buren
Sound: Kees van der Knaap and Wendelien Voogd
Editor: Johnny Zuidhof
Sound Design: Bob Kommer Studio
Colorist: André Bijma
Commissioning editor: Martin van der Veen, RTV Drenthe
Producer: MirakelFilm
Genre: Documentary
Length: 27′
Format: HD – DCP
Supported by: Gemeente Rotterdam, Provincie Drenthe,
Year of Release: 2021

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