The Miracle of Weebosch

The Miracle of Weebosch (2011, 52 ") Synopsis in a village where everyone believes in the forces of Saint Gerardus, where life and death are still connected to the church and where you can bless your pony every year in his name, three young pony girls defy the myth of H ET village. Does Saint Gerardus really have special powers? Is it crap or is there something from where? The screenplay of The Miracle of Weebosch was written during the IDFA documentary Workshop 2008 under the direction of John Appel credits screenplay and Director: Wendelien Guardian | Production: Razmatazz, Els Tau | D. O. P: Hans Bouman | Additional camera: Pim Haddad A.O. | Etymology | Editor: Hinne Brouwer | Opinions: John Appel | Final editors: Lout donders (broadcaster Brabant) | Funding: Media Fund impressions Intimate Lens Festival, Mondoni (2015), Rubin Museum of Art, New York (2013) broadcaster Brabant (2012), International Documentary festival Amsterdam IDFA (2011) Trailer