Sons of Art, Rotterdam Boys Choir 1957-2007

Length: 47 minutes. Synopsis In The years 50, an enthusiastic social worker founded the Rotterdam Boys Choir to keep the children of the street. In addition to the colourful history of the choir, the documentary focuses on what it means to be a member today. The choir consists mainly of ' ordinary ' grotestadsjongens that sit on football, love rap music and full of surrender the Choras from the Matthäus Passion of J.S. Bach sing. Credits screenplay and Director: Wendelien Guardian | Camera and sound: Conny downstairs | Editor: Johnny Zaheer | Advice and final editing: Cees van der Wel (RTV rijnmond) | Funding: Rotterdam Film Fund and other funds impressions RTV Rijnmond (2007), International film Festival Rotterdam 2008, Selection Regiodoc 2008, Watch Online